Festival Press Releases

4th Annual


WHEN: Saturday, October 30, 11am- 4pm                                                                 WHERE: Liberty Park, Peapack-Gladstone

                  Rain Date October 31


Peapack-Gladstone:  The 4th Annual Green Community Festival will be held Saturday, October 30th, in Peapack-Gladstone’s Liberty Park, NJ. Building on the last three years of this hugely successful event, this year’s festival promises to be even better, with an exciting list of exhibitors, all aiming to present green alternatives for everyday living and playing and to help us understand the CHOICES we make.


As in past years the organizers recognize the generosity of our local community business sponsors who have made this event possible.  We want to thank in particular the continuing support of our  Sun Sponsors The Peapack-Gladstone Bank and Jessica Associates.


Friends and neighbors will have the chance to expand their awareness of the choices  we have to live sustainably and new ways to reduce our “carbon footprint” from a diverse range of local businesses and knowledgeable students from local high school Green Teams including Bernards High Green Team and Gill St. Bernard’s Green Team .


 “Hub Hollow” and friends will provide music throughout the day.


This year for the kids- Whatever floats you eco-boat on the pond! Last year Deborah Herman provided the makings for faerie houses and the children provided the imagination and the park was filled with dream faerie environments that may be the foundation for future sustainable living.  This year Debbie will provide the makings for boats that will float on the pond.  You may bring you own handmade boat but remember only boats made from natural materials will get to float.  There will be  accolades for  creative, original,  crowd favorite, largest, smallest, silliest,  longest, shortest, most passengers, simplest, most complex, beautiful, ugly, scary, best crafted, and a few yet to be disclosed categories.


As this is and always has been a non-plastic event.  The Grainhouse at the Olde Mill Inn will  provide us with delicious local and organic cuisine served on bio-degradable/recyclable eating utensils and plates. As always, several stations will be set up for anyone who would like to recycle batteries, electronics, tennis shoes or bicycles.  Students from the Far Hills Country Day school will be trained and equipped to conduct free water tests for anyone who brings a sample of the tap water from their home in a well washed & rinsed, preferably GLASS container.  Everyone is urged to bring their re-usable water bottles, canteens or what-have-you as PUR2o  will be providing filtered & purified drinking water all day, free of charge. 


The festival’s earth-friendly exhibitors cover the gamut of daily life from green building and natural food to sustainable apparel and green transportation solutions.  Vendors offering a range of green solutions for home, garden and pasture will demonstrate their products and answer your questions. Recycling solutions, energy-efficient heating and cooling methods, water purification and conservation, solar panels, green design techniques, landscape design, and old-growth hardwood flooring are just some of the products and services that will be on display.  


A host of local food options from a local CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) to gluten free treats, free range natural beef , poultry and ostrich to The Grain House at the Olde Mill Inn  that will offer delicious locally grown and organic food to eat while enjoying live music from our favorite local bands. 


In our ongoing commitment to promote activism, our first annual event was held in association with Bill McKibben’s “Step it up” - sending a message to congress to cut carbon 80% by 2050.  Year Two saw the Carbon Challenge where community members pledged to cut their carbon footprint by 1,000,000 lbs AND THEY DID.  Year three we joined Bill McKibben’s “350 International Day of Climate Action.”  350 is the number that leading scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide—measured in "Parts Per Million" in our atmosphere – we are now at 390 and growing steadily.  This year  amongst the music and fun we offer a moment of reflection, a chance to write the future generation a letter about the choices you made in this changing world.


We will acknowledge  the much publicized rallies on 10-30-10 where Stewart's "Rally To Restore Sanity"  meets Colbert's "March To Keep Fear Alive" in the nation's capital and we will have periodic reports direct from Washington.


The festival is hosted by the Environmental Commission of Peapack-Gladstone in association  Bedminster Environmental Commission.  The newly formed Green team of Peapack-Gladstone will be volunteering at the event.


Admission is FREE. For more information, contact Suki Dewey (908) 403-2421 c or (908) 439-2946, or visit the Web site (www.earthwise.us)


WHEN: Saturday, October 30, 11am- 4pm  Rain Date October 31                                                                                             

WHERE: Liberty Park, Peapack-Gladstone

Contact Suki Dewey (908) 403-2421

Web:  www.earthwise.us


Green alternatives for everyday living  to help us understand the CHOICES we make.


Music by HUB Hollow and Friends including The Willow Middle School Choir,Alec and William Steinhorn, Cort Corbin,  Collin Rocker and


Whatever Floats Your Eco-boat!  Bring or make your own eco-friendly boat and float it on Liberty Pond


Recycle electronics and batteries, tennis balls,  athletic shoes, bicycles and more.  Bring a sample of your water and the students from FHCDS will test it. 


Organic and local food including local grass fed beef and ostrich, gluten free treats, and local jam’s and jellies.  The Grain House at the Olde Mill Inn will  provide us with delicious local and organic cuisine.


Learn from Local school’s  GREEN TEAMS from Gill St. Bernards and Bernards High.


A non-plastic event


Bring your electric bill and learn to save money and be green at the same time!


The festival is hosted by the Environmental Commissions of Peapack-Gladstone in association with the   Bedminster Environmental Commission. 


A special thanks to our sponsors  Peapack-Gladstone Bank and Jessica Associates, LTD


Free…yes this event is free and if you pay attention and make the right CHOICES it will save you money!

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