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"When we heal our planet, we heal ourselves"


"Give people hope with possibilities."

-Tony Juniper

The Wisdom of Nature

All over the world people are waking up and reigniting ancient Earth honoring practices to build their homes and communities in harmony with nature. Earthwise is sharing conscious wisdom to create better living systems for our interdependent world by introducing the pioneer sources to build and retrofit your home.

Natural Building Principles of Hemp

Industrial hemp has been scientifically proven to absorb more CO2 than any forest or commercial crop, the CO2 is permanently bonded and sequestered within the fiber. As a home building material it is a high performing structure. Defining features of hempcrete are:

*mold and rot resistant

*fire resistant


*highest CO2 storing capacity of any building material

*carbon negative footprint

*regulates humidity and temperature

*combines insulation and thermal mass

*exceptional acoustic performance

*pest resistant

*energy efficient

Hemp is a gateway into restoring our generous life-giving planet. 

Hemp Is Hope

Hemp has unlimited potential to create a green healthy future for us all. This amazing plant gives hope with unlimited possibilities, it can clothe us, feed us, house us and heal us. It leads the way to replace petroleum plastics with biodegradable plant based plastics. Hemp fields purify toxic soils through phytoremediation, and it sequesters more CO2 than any other plant on the planet. It requires minimal water and does not require pesticides to grow.

As we partner with plants to restore our planet, we reintegrate ourselves into the natural circle of life.
New Project

For the benefit of our farmers, the soil, our health and our planet, hemp is the answer.


The New Norm Plant Based Building Materials

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Photo taken by Caitlin McClure
Photo taken by Caitlin McClure

Let’s Shine A Bright Spotlight On Hemp A Natural Building Material For Future Generations