The Journey Begins

In June of 2020 my journey began when I visited the first hemp home being built in Goshen, Massachusetts. I was inspired by a video I had watched in October of the previous year of two professors who founded the Healthy Materials Lab through Parsons School of Design talking about hemp as a healthy and natural building material for homes. By the end of the video a fire had been lit within me and I quickly thereafter joined the US Hemp Builders Association and started researching people who were turning ripples into waves in the hemp regenerative architecture movement. This photo is the completed hemp home in Goshen, constructed by Hempstone LLC and Village Carpentry.

"This building above the foundation is actually a net carbon beneficial structure. That means that it actually absorbs more [CO2] than was emitted throughout its manufacture, harvesting and transportation to site."
-Jennifer Martin, Co-Founder Hempstone LLC

A New Meaning to "Getting Plastered"

I packed up all my potential and enthusiasm and hit the road from New York to Tennessee to see what was possible in the world of industrial hemp. Upon arriving in the small town of Smithville, TN for a weekend long workshop on natural wall plastering, I immediately purchased a new traveling hat in honor of my first hands on hemp experience. At the workshop we learned how to mix hempcrete, work with lime and earth based plasters and natural pigments, I found it wonderfully fulfilling and similiar to baking and frosting a really big gluten-free cake.

We must go on adventures in order to know where we belong!

Come Along for the Ride

And join me on my newest and dearest Vicarious Hemp Adventure. There are so many amazing benefits to this forever giving plant — like Hemp Animal Bedding!. . . . .

Will Stanwix - Repurposing a Saw Pit

As Mark Twain said during his Grand Tour in 1867, “I travel to learn.” My name is Lilibet, and I welcome you on my journey to finding the gems and pioneers of natural building techniques across the globe. We look at how local materials, minerals, and the revolutionary plant, Hemp, are used in these natural homes built for healthy lives. Off we go! . . . . .

Steve Barron - The Little Farm that Could and Did Margent Farm

As Mark Twain said during his Grand Tour in 1867, “I travel to learn.” My name is Lilibet, and I welcome you on my journey to finding the gems and pioneers of natural building techniques across the globe. We look at how local materials, minerals, and the revolutionary plant, Hemp, are used in these natural homes built for healthy lives. Off we go! . . . . .

Wolf Jordan - The Secrets to the Golden Water Finish

Planes, and boats, and trains,

are passing by, 

they made my trip

to paradise. 


Flying to London, 

to a taxi and a train, 

I look out the window, 

Adventure is my aim.



Reframing What Is Possible

After Denver I headed north to Ketchum, Idaho in the Magic Valley. I was greeted by the brilliant golden autumn leaves on the Aspen trees as I arrived to help support the second US Hemp Building Summit 2020. It was there that I met these two pioneers and the event hosts Mattie Mead and Tommy Gibbons, co-founders of Hempitecture. A few weeks later I participated in their contractors workshop. I learned the bio-composite chemistry through the hands on process of mixing hempcrete while casting-on-site.


There is new energy of Hope in the air!


A House With A Story Has Always Been Valuable

Amidst the forest trees on a high mountain ridge outside Nevada City, California sits a sacred hemp round home. Neil and Stella consciously designed and constructed every detail like a well conducted orchestra, the symphony of their home has brought their health and nature into a higher state of energetic harmony. They graciouslly invited me into their home and shared their personal story on the creation of their natural dream home, and I captured our whole experience on video!

Let's challenge the way Americans build, and start creating homes that benefit our health and the environment!


The Hemp House At Glynraven Gardens

This unique hemp home is a true work of art, complete with a solarium as the crowning jewel. Clark built his hemp dream house in Hopland, California using hand hewn beams from his family's log house back in Kentucky. He was deliberate in designing every detail of this home, and one of his notable quotes from our conversation is "For me, there is no price tag on art." He aspired to create an "Old World Look" with the stained glass windows, the collection of precious antique auction items and antler chandelier. The hand crafted banister was created using salvaged scrap metal. This shangri-la hemp home highlights a fine art level of regenerative architecture with an air of bohemian sophistication.

A Collaboration From The Ground Up

In the bucolic hills of the Hudson Valley, New York, a pair of new hempcrete cabins are being built at Wally Farms. I was invited to peak at their early stage development and witness two forms of hemp construction that I hadn't seen in person yet, the Baumer Ereasy Spray System and Hemp Bricks. This project is the first in the United States to combine these two applications. This build is a collaborative effort between three visionary pioneer companies in the hemp world, Hempstone, Ameirchanvre and Coexist Build. Together they are helping Wally Farms to expand their community education mission. 

"This farm is a living research project on how to build a collaborative food system that benefits the climate, ecology and eater. To ensure accessibility of this model we are committed to providing open source education throughout the process, running diversified programs and agritourism offerings."
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IMG_0167-scaled (1)

"Healthy Soil = Healthy Food = Healthy People"


The founder of the Soil and Health Foundation, now known as the Rodale Institute, J.I. Rodale, started experimenting with the first U.S. organic farm in the 1940s to better understand the connection between his health and the quality of soil without chemicals. Today the institute is focused on trial research for the vast benefits of hemp, because it is the most efficient plant to sequester carbon from the atmosphere into a multi-use plant material. Hemp is a strong remediator of contaminated soil, effectively healing any soil it grows in.

During my visit a hopefullness was stirred within me for the future of our farmers. Masterfully through their educational training they teach people to navigate the connection between hemp, farming, processing, healthy soil and our health.

"Rodale Institute is growing the regenerative organic movement through research, farmer training, and consumer education."
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Just down the back country road from Rodale Institute In the fertile farmland of Pennsylvania, a repurposed 10 acre farm called Lunaria has sprouted a seed-to-structure approach to regenerative hemp growing. Lunaria farms is owned by the co-founders of Coexist Build, documentarian Drew Oberholtzer and his wife architect Ana Konopitskaya have made it their mission to change the standard toxic petrochemical plastic based home building materials to healthier natural hemp home building materials. They are in the process of retrofitting an old stone building on their property with Hempcrete, the first floor of which is an office and the second floor will be an airbnb. They also partnered with Americhanvre to build the first hemp tiny house on wheels. They drove this tiny home across the country in 2019 to engage people in the building benefits of hemp. They have recently teamed up with The Healthy Materials lab at Parson's School of Design to manufacture a hemp block building material.

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Listen to Ana and Drew talk more about their projects on this podcast:

Hemp House Hair Salon on Salt Springs Island, BC


"I want more than anything to make sure that our daughter grows up seeing that you don't have to sacrifice the environment for beauty or sacrifice beauty for the environment." -Samantha Harron, Founder and Chief of the Hemp House Salon.

Samantha and her partner Tristan Harron achieved their dream of building the first Hemp House Hair Salon, a one-of-a-kind forever building that would honor the environment and act as a beauty-bio-feedback loop. She supports other independent small producers of natural health conscious beauty products at the same time she is educating her clientele about regenerative architecture which puts the environment first in every way. She is here to help people achieve "attainable sustainable beauty from the inside out."

This salon is an exquisite example of a zero impact building constructed with Hempcrete. This building is solar powered, uses 65% less water than other salons, has achieved the highest air quality of any salon and utilizes reclaimed building materials for the other elements. It was thrilling to meet these young trailblazing pioneers who have made it their mission to immerse their clients in a healing plant-based environment. Their aim is to nurture the senses while allowing people to feel healthier and ecologically responsible.

“I really believe that if like-minded people work together and continue to educate and empower each other along the way, we will achieve our dreams of a cleaner sustainable world for our children. “ -Samantha

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Highland Hemp House, Bellingham, Washington

Let’s talk about the bigger story of hemp.

“Technology is not holding us back, architecture is not holding us back. What is? The status quo: the willingness to change, the recognition that we need to change. We’re not really grasping the urgency of changing.” - Pam Bosch, The Highland Hemp House

I arrived in Bellingham, Washington on the threshold of an unprecedented atmospheric storm which left thousands stranded and thousands more evacuating their homes due to flooding and landslides. So my question is, what is it going to take to wake us up to really make effective change in the way we live in relationship to nature. Pamela Bosch, who I stayed with for several day at her Highland Hemp House, feels the sense of urgency and action needed for us to implement new ways of living that are in balance with our natural environment. “How do we connect the reality of the house that inspires and heals with the realization that solutions need not be complicated, expensive and impractical?” She asks this question in her article Hair On Fire: Let’s Build With Hemp This Summer. In our interview and time together she demonstrated how easy it could be to build or retrofit a house with Hempcrete, its only a matter of illuminating people's awareness of how this simple change could revitalize our health and the health of the planet.


The WNDER Workshop

The next stop on my adventure was Colorado to meet Eric McKee, the ownder of the first permitted hemp structure in Denver, Colorado. He calls this 320 square foot hemp office in his backyard the WNDER Workshop and built it using reclaimed windows and doors, and completed it with an old double chairlift hanging by the front door. Erik is a co-founder of the US Hemp Building Association and continues to advocate for the advancemnet of industrial hemp. 

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The potentials of hemp are far too great to ignore!

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New Project (2)

Vignettes From a Hempstone Workshop

Hempstone is an impressive company devoted to educating people through hands on experience. Their workshops provide extensive training on the chemistry, application, and benefits of hempcrete to architects, builders, and individuals looking to build homes with this amazing regenerative material. Hempstone is a premier resource for all that is needed to build networks of professionals and natural building enthusiasts all over the country. Jennifer Martin, Co-Founder of Hempstone was my first contact in the world of industrial hemp and has been a radical catalyst for my journey ever since.

New Project (4)
New Project (1)

Preserving our History

Andy deGruchy, founder of, is devoted to maintaining the legacy of historic structures in the United States by restoring them with properly installed lime mortor. He has developed a Craftwork Training Center in Telford, Pennsylvania to initiate artisans into becoming stewards of our built landscape. He saved a sixteen acre local heritage cultural site dating back to 1736 for adaptive reuse when opening He has developed a high quality lime binder for building with hempcrete. Andy is devoted to moving forward with an act of faith and vision for the next generations. He is highly conscious of the legacy we leave through the preservation of our historic architecture.

IMG_0281-scaled (1)

"Art adds to the fabric of life." - Andy deGruchy


Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island, BC


During a historic howling rain storm throughout the entire Pacific Northwest I decided to visit the Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island. Tom courageously braved the storm and walked me through the property pointing out every creative detail and telling me the stories behind his design process as we walked along his property visiting each treehouse orb. I was overcome with nostalgia remembering my childhood love of climbing high into trees, and as I peered out the sailboat windows suspended high in the forest canopy I connected with that feeling of childhood freedom I felt growing up on our family farm.

Designed and engineered by Tom Chudleigh, these whimsical orbs are suspended high in the forest around his property in Qualicum Beach. As a nautical engineer, Tom was inspired by the early submersible Bathyspheres, Jacques Cousteau, and Biomimicry. "As it turns out it's all Biomimicry anyway, you got this nature's packaging unit- the nutshell or the seed pod, hanging off a spider's web of rope. And of course it functions really well in the forest." Tom described to me his love and respect for trees and natures design, and wants to offer guests the opportunity to commune in nature with the trees and other local wildlife. He provides an unforgettable experience in nature from a bird’s perspective.

Tom applies his knowledge of nautical engineering to the creation of these spheres while working in partnership with nature. He considers the geometry of the grove when he's looking for the best site to hang his treehouse orbs. After his first spherical design affectionately named Eve, he ventured into the woods along his property to find the perfect home for her. The details on each of the treehouse orbs are handcrafted, bronze cast window hinges complete with Celtic runes, American black walnut wood details, and each pod is finished with its own individual identity and features.

As we ventured along the muddy banks of the pond, nature’s music played on the wind as we approached the Sphere called Melody. Melody has a music of her own, Tom painted Beethoven’s 9th Symphony on her cedar and spruce exterior and her expression of Ode To Joy reverberates beautifully throughout the woods. Along the walking path interspersed between the treehouses and wild mushrooms are natural composting toilets designed to look like enormous mushrooms which add to the wonderland whimsy of it all. Tom builds all of this himself onsite in his creative workshop, and takes great pleasure in sharing his unique utopian treehouse village with curious and adventurous souls.

Here is Tom's website to connect with the Tree Sphere-its
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Notes Of Appreciation
Many thanks to my dear friend Cathy for opening her beautiful Belvedere tree house to me as I launch this project. This has been a home base which has nurtured my creative side and connected me with my hummingbird family who have brought me joyful guidance.
Thanks to Christine, my fellow traveler, who inspired the name of this project and encouraged me to always share my adventures so she too can live vicariously through them.
To my daughter, Lilli, grateful for her continuous love and encouragement. May you and your whole generation continue to speak out and be proactive. Every voice is a catalyst for change. Carpe Diem.

To Suki and Fionnuala, thank you for you warm hospitality, wise counsel and all the joyful moments of laughter sprinkled on top.

To my joyful, creative associate and dear friend, Hannah. From our first time sharing morning biomimicry matcha tea accompanied by daily intuitive card readings, she assisted me with bringing my vision to life from an idea into a reality.


Our mission is simple. We must restore our balance on Earth with all living things.